Thursday, December 4, 2008

Counting Species - Endemic Species Of Mammals in Borneo

Counting species. That is what i do. From my previous reference i count it is about 47 species of endemic mammals in Borneo. This is based on reference from Payne et al. (2000), Yasuma et al. (2003), Wilson & Reeder (2005) and some other articles. However, after i send it to my supervisor, he want me to recount it back. Arghh...i have to redo it again. Counting..counting and counting based on i made a few mistakes based on the distribution of each species that i list according to this online database. So, now i count about (47-2+1=46), so it is about 46 species. I add three to Yasuma et al. (2003). Again i have to figure it out. What species is that might be?

I thought i am done with this but i have to do it again. Hmmm...i don't want to pass the wrong information to my juniors in this uni. They may use my works as their reference after this. So, i have to count it correctly even though i already have a headache. My head spinning looking at this long listing. Yaiks!!!
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