Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fungi - Consumeable or Poisonus?

Today i want to share a little bit about FUNGI. Just a reminder guys, i am not a botanist and i am not plant lovers but i am trying to love it now. Without plants, we have no forest. For sure...:D

So, when we walk inside rainforest, we will see so many different types of fungi especially after rain. Some of it grows on the ground or on the fallen logs. They are so many different species, with different shape and colours. Some of it consumeable and some of it toxic and please don't take it if you are not sure. When we are inside the forest just be careful and not simply takes for granted about consumeable and poisonus plants. It may cause death.

I found this two different species of fungi during my previous trip. Sorry, i have no further information about this two species. Ouch!!...i am really hopeles when it goes to plants. I think i really have to built my interest and start to search for an info about this plants. Yaiks! I have to do it. Okay okay...i leave it until here. Just enjoy my fungi photo tough.

Till then.....!
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