Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fungi Collections - Part 1

I did wrote two entries about fungi before. There were three related posts about fungi with the title WORDLESS WEDNESDAY - FUNGI, Fungi - Consumable or Poisonous? and Fungi - Consumable or Poisonous 2. But for this post i change the title to Fungi Collections because i can not give information on consumable or poisonous fungi. So, with this entry i just want my reader to see the different species or type of fungi that i found when i walk in the Borneo rain forest. To share how diverse we are with so many species of plants and animals. 

Here are three different species of fungi that i found during my recent trip to one of the forested area where i work. As far as i know these three species is not consumable but i am not sure if all of it poisonous. I can't tell more info about it. Huh! Will come up with more of my fungi photo collections after this. Enjoy!
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