Thursday, June 12, 2008


Tumbina staff hand over to us the ostrich egss as a souvenier.

This is the first event that we organized which is related to the community awareness. During this workshop, I get to know more people since I was a new staff join the Conservation team. It was held on the second month after I join the team (I love to call this department TEAM because it was a great team). The feed back from the longhouses is very impressive and we have the chance to get to know them better. It was a success event that our team organized. I was appointing as a photographer and I know I am not good in it. I just take a shot of any occasion that I think worth to take but sometimes I took very bad photos. However, making mistakes is one way of learning (that is what people say) but until today I can’t took any good photos. Maybe I have to accept that I don’t have talent in taking photos even though my friends teach me on set up the mode of the camera. It is just because I can not tell which one is sharp and other things like contrast etc.

During the event, I learn how to communicate with the local people. Even though my Iban language is very bad but I can understand them. It is just I don’t know how to speak Iban fluently. Not only that, I was learn to work in a team with other conservation staff. I can’t remember much but it was a great experienced in order to make me more confident to meet and get to know new people.

After the workshop we had a tour to Taman TUMBINA and it was my first time went to TUMBINA. When I saw how interested these local people saw the animals in TUMBINA, what about their young generations in future? Do they will have a chance to see it in the wild or captivity? This is a challenge for us to make sure that we will play our part in this challenging world.
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