Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hardwork & Curiosity

Working in the forest is not easy and it takes the highest level of my passion in this type of job that i choose. Once, i cried when i fall down the steep ridges while i trying to reach where i set up my small mammals traps. Enter the bush without knowing what is inside there and searching for what are they? Tired, sweating, starving, full of combination of emotions but the work have to be done. I still remember one of the oldest herpetologist that i ever work with. He is 86 years old and his passion in his work still make him eager to enter the forest and looking for frogs, lizards and snakes. I really admire his determination and passion. It is very rare to find people like him.

If there is something moving or something strange, just a glimpse will steal my attention. I will try to find what is inside there. In the beginning of this job, i was really excited and anything can trigger my curiosity. Learn on how to do a good observations and describe what animal i found. Skills develop by practice. I hope i can pass down some of the skills that i have before i lost my memory but it is not easy to find a good protege. Someday, somewhere...and i will learn more from nature too.
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