Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pentail Treeshrews Trapping

Live-wire cage trap was used to traps the pentail treeshrews. The traps was set-up above the ground either on the tree branches, vines or lianas. These animal is arboreal species so, it is impossible to trap them on the ground. Banana was used as bait and it was the most effective baits that i used to trap treeshrews.

The way i hold this treeshrews is not correct because i hold it too tight. This is the firtst time i hold it with my bare hands so, i am not confident i can handle it but actually i did it well.

While i am doing the inspection on the conditions of this animal, i found a few scars on it's tail. I am not sure what caused that injury but i guess it maybe because of the sharp thorn-covered rattan palms or fighting. I am just guessing because i am not sure too.

During our trapping, we also caught the Dark-tailed Tree Rat (Niviventer cremoriventer). As you can see, this rat's tail also damaged. It was almost broken but it is not because of the cage traps but an old damaged that maybe because of fighting.
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