Thursday, January 29, 2009


One more day left for me here in Bintulu. I can say that all emotions are combined now. I am excited to see what is waiting for me at my new work place and I am sad leaving all the good memories behind.

Not much to do now, I just pack my stuff and get ready to go.

Am I ready to get back to work? I am not sure because it has been four months not working and the motivation to working is really low now. I hope I get back the momentum when my feet step back on the ground next week.

Just a little bit info about my next work journey. I will be working more on communities it’s called Corporate Social Responsibility. I search online on what is it all about and I am still blurr. Not sure what is actually works that I will be doing. Its okay…for sure I will have sort of introduction or induction to works that I will be doing. I have no worry on that.

I will miss my previous works. Working with animals inside the forest. Will missing it’s a lot…lots and lots….:(
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