Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Cancel Trip

I was so dissapointed this morning when my boss told me that the higher management not approve my TA. He only approve my head to go alone. Hmmm...not feeling good about it but as always i have to think positive and react positively. Even though i admit that i am really piss off at first and a bit doubt myself. Am i doing the right thing or am i clear with the programme that i plan? Or what i am doing is just wasting the company money? Huh....i know i am still newbie in this company and that is why i need exposure to handle things. I want to grow and i want to learn something new. I will not run away anyway (i didn't apply for KPLI..okay!).

Aiyah...feel like shit for a while and sorry to express it here. I have to see something green and peaceful to lower my emotions........
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