Friday, March 26, 2010

Why This Blog?

Why i come up with the title of My Life Is My Choice for this blog? Okay let me share a little bit story of this blog. My writings is very bad. Grammatical errors is everywhere (and i think i still face the same problem till today). So, i come up with the ideas of blogging. Actually my friend Diana was started first. I saw her do online writing some sort of online diary so i wonder what is that. After a while i tried to discover what is Blogger and then i create this blog. I think it was about two years ago, in 2008. This year is this blog 3rd year anniversary.

Why i choose this title/name? I was thinking of writing about my life at work. During that time, I love my job very much. I like everything that i am doing. Staying in the forest for more than a week. Capturing animals, big and smalls. I just love exploring forests, plantations, rivers...anywhere i can reach. Excited seeing expertise in their own research field. Learn through hands-on experience with them. It was really amazing to work closely with big names, conservationist, ornithologist, biologist, mammalogist, herpetologist etc..... Many more to name them. Those experienced will not easily get and i was so lucky. That's why i wanted to write all of it here in this blog.

However, things change early 2009. I move on with another new job. I can say i totally change my gear from my previous job to this current one. It was two different field. However, my passion about nature, wildlife and forests is still very strong. I still hope that one day i will have another opportunity to switch back to my previous field. This is the reason that i still write about nature, animals, plants, forests, river, waterfalls etc in this blog. I just don't want to change it. So, i keep writing about nature in this blog even though the title is not related to nature. Suppose to be my life at work. Never mind...maybe i will make a little bit changes to this blog. I write more about my activities at work in my other blog Rose's Daily Journal and most of all just rambling and mumblings about my daily life.

Keep on support this blog because i will try my best to keep on talking about nature and other related topics. Still want to share information on the amazing biodiversity of Borneo tropical rainforest.

Till then.

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