Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tagal System - Pelian Fish

I am so sorry for the post that i deleted yesterday. It suppose to be a video of the fish that i took but an error occurred when i upload the video here. So, today i do a posting on the same title. A collection of few photos and my experienced with all the fishes. I did wrote about the story of Tagal System before in my post: Swimming With The FISH - Tagal System. That was a year ago. I often visit this village and if i have time, i will spent my time visit the stream/river next to this village.

 According to the villagers, this year is the 3rd year of the establishments of this Tagal in their river. So, this year is suppose to be the harvesting year. However, the river always get flooded and the fish often brought by the water to the down river. But, as you can see the fish is quite large in size already but this species, they called them Pelian Fish can grow as large as half meter long. This one still very small, it's only about 20cm.

 As we reach the river bank, suddenly all the fish came out. They seems to aware of our present and i am sure they know that we will feed them. Maybe because they already get used of it. If people come by, they will get free food. He he he... But, this time something more interesting to be experienced by us. The villager told us that the fish is now tame. They are not afraid of people anymore but still not that tame ya.So, we want to see and experienced it by ourself.

 I told my friend that i want to step into the river and feed them there. I want them to come near to me and eat from my hand. As a few seconds, more fish come and tried to steal the food from my hand. I just keep it in my hand and let them get it from there. 

 I am kinda overexcited and as you can see, there a lots of fish around me. What a great experienced. I wish i brought my clothes and swim with them there. Ha ha ha... 

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