Thursday, October 14, 2010

Frustration on Rajang River Disaster

Feel like so frustrated and disappointed because of the disaster at Rajang River, reported since 7th Oct 2010. The chronological event is as follows:

Photo credit to The Star Online
I didn't wrote anything about it in here because i just don't want to talk about it in here. But i did wrote two posts in my LITTLE ROSE DAILY JOURNAL.

The other one is in my Melanau language blog Asau Bau Aruh Ngau Bau Sapau. Can't tell what i feel when it is affected our people in our village in Kampung Kebuaw. Our kampong is at the mouth of the Igan River. It is about 45 minutes drive (boat drive) to reach the South China Sea.

I Googled today using log jam in rajang river and i get 17, 100 results within 0.24 secs. Most of it about the news on this disaster. These are some online news from local and international newspaper such as BBC News,,  The Star, BernamaBorneo Post Online and also independence news online such as The Malaysian Insider,, Malaysian Mirror Inside SarawakFree Malaysia Today and also bloggers such as, Borneo Unleashed and of course my blogger friend at Planet of the Monyets.

You can choose any of the links above for more news about this disaster. Personally i really really frustrated with the logging practice in Sarawak. If they do it according to the rules, the nature will not get angry and the very bad things like this will not happen. Nature know very well how to give a good lesson to the human but, how human react and take action to faced and managing such an huge disaster like this? Do we learn well from Nature? hmmmph...

I leave it till here... No more comments and critics... No point of talking but i can't do anything back... Till then...
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