Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Little Friend - Mr. Smooth Guardian Frog (Limnonectes palavanensis)

Photo taken at Ulu Padas Forest Reserve.
Let me introduce my litte friend for today. This is Mr. Smooth Guardian Frog (Limnonectes palavanensis). A very nice common name and did he looks like a Guardian? Hmm... for sure he is the foret guardian where he inhabits. This little fella can be found on the forest floor of primary forest and most often can be found in the lowlands but it has been recorded up to 1, 300 m a.s.l.  

Why i call him "little" because he is small indeed. The size is approximately 30 mm for male and 40 mm for female. They are small.

How did the male and female meet and look after the eggs? Males call from below leaves on the forest floor and attract females to a terrestrial egg diposition site. Eggs are laid on the ground and are guarded by the male. Finally tadpoles hatch from the egg jelly, climb the male, and are transported by the male to a nearby body of water.  Interesting right?

Alright, that is a little bit info and story of my little friend Mr. Smooth Guardian Frog. Till next time we share another story of another friends i have in the forests of Sabah..mmm.. Sipitang to be more specific. Till then guys!
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