Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birding With My Friend

It was quite a while (almost three years actually), i did not really went for birding. Last weekend my friend asks me to join her doing some field work at Lawas, Sarawak. I was so excited but i am already feel exhausted because that Saturday i was working half day too. However, she success in convincing me to join her for that field work.

We stayed at Murut village, Kg. Munchu, Ulu Merapok. On Sunday, we walk through the village road until we reach the last village named Kg. Jelatung, Ulu Merapok. This village is located only five minutes walk to reach Sipitang - Tenom main road. We have a short conversation with three villagers (one man, two women) in the village. We ask them where we can find Magpie Robin and White-Rumped Shama. These two birds is the bird species that we hunt for. My friend is doing her PhD on this two birds species. So, we need to find information from the villagers (hey! they are more expert than us in term of cathing this birds you know!)...

Along the walk, we did some observation but not so many species. Maybe because most of the area is rubber and palm oil plantation own by the people of these two villages.

Here is my observation list (birds, small mammal and frog):
  1. Merops viridis (Blue Throated Bee Eater)
  2. Arachnothere longirostra (Little Sipder Hunter)
  3. Pycnonotus goiavier (Yellow Vented Bulbul)
  4. Copsychus saularis (Marpie Robin)
  5. Callosciurus notatus (Plantain Squirrel)
  6. Kalophrynus pleurostigma (Rufous-sided Sticky Frog)
That is all i can lists here. Till then!
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