Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mapping A Bornean Soundscape Project

Where to start? I am trying my BEST to use any of my social networking to promote this research project and hope to get some feedback from my fellow friends and also my Blogger Buddies here. Okay, how to start this post? Let's start with who is Dr. Alison Styring?
Alison Styring is a field biologist with a focus in conservation and ecology. Her area of expertise is Southeast Asian birds. She has studied birds in rainforests and human-modified habitats in West Malaysia and Borneo (East Malaysia and Brunei) since 1998. She has published numerous papers on the ecology and conservation of Southeast Asian birds. Alison works with an incredible team of birders, biologists, tree climbers, and conservationists from the US and Malaysia. -- I quote this info from Kickstarter site and you can click on her name above where i have linked it to the Evergreen State College. 
How i get to know her? It was back in 2006, when i was working with Grand Perfect S/B. It was a very great opportunities to experienced bird's study with her and Dr. Fred Sheldon. I love birds but not as much as after i involved in her research. The first study was on the diversity of birds in tree plantation and habitat surveys. It was really interesting because we went to a different sites in the Planted Forest Zone, Bintulu. That is the first time i learn how to use Binocular correctly (don't laugh at me, coz its true..he he he). I don't know any scientific names for birds and i don't know how to identify birds (so la teruk). She is very generous in knowledge and her expertise, along the trip i learn so much from her. I get excited and excited everyday.

In 2007, i was ask to choose between bird's study and small mammal's study. I am in a big dilemma coz i really want to join bird's field work but it was because i am doing my small mammals project so i've decided to let go the birds study. Sad.

In 2008, i was lucky coz another field trip was organized and this time we will doing dawn chorus, bird's banding and observing bird's behavior. I am back on track with the birds study and this was my last trip because i was decided to left the company end of that year.

So, that is how i get to know Dr. Alison. Here is our random photos that i have from these two trips.

So, now let's talk about the Mapping A Bornean Soundscape Project. This is her latest project and she need fund to make it happen. What is this project about?
Bornean rainforests: an incredibly diverse and poorly understood treasure.  The rainforests of Borneo are among the most species-rich habitats in the world.  Listening to the sounds of these forests is an incredible and overwhelming experience as gibbons, hornbills, tree frogs, cicadas, and hundreds of other species advertise their presence. Our mission is to record and map these sounds while we still can.
The forests of Borneo are under incredible human pressure.  The giant dipterocarp trees that form much of the canopy are extremely valuable timber for furniture and other uses worldwide, and logged-over native forests are increasingly being converted to tree plantation and oil palm as the world demand for pulp wood and palm oil increases. -- Read more at Kickstarter
If you are interested to DONATE and SUPPORT this project and you are BIRD'S LOVERS, What you can DO is visit KICKSTARTER website (just click at the link) and read through the site. You will get more information there. There is only 19 DAYS to go and the project only get $1, 235.00 back up, up to today. There were another $18, 765.00 more to go. 

Do Support this Project! Thank you for your generosity. Till then!

Rose Ragai

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