Monday, September 22, 2008


Before this I was thinking of writing according to my plan. But then, I realize that when I write freely what I have in my mind at that time, it is more alive and I can share my ideas, information and perspective with others more. I would like to share my experienced and my journey in my current job. It is my dream job and for those who read my blog from the beginning you can see how I get where I am now. Without hard work, patient and the most important is NEVER GIVE UP I will end up doing something else now.

Been through this almost three years experienced teaches me a lot of things and it does built my personality as well. I become more sensitive with our nature and eager to know more about it. I still remember one of our collaborators and now I can say he is one of my friends ask me WHY I WANT TO BECOME A BIOLOGIST? I told him that there were a lot of foreign biologists in Sarawak and only a few local people. I want to know what we have in our rainforest as much as those foreign biologists know. That spirit and passion leads me to keep going and grow in this field.

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