Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In Dec 2007 one workshop has been organized by GP-Con and we are invovled in running that events. We are very lucky to have Datuk Lat as our guest artist and teach us on how to produce a cartoon. This events was organized for primary and secondary students around Bintulu.

I am trying to draw a cartoon based on my own work which is small mammals trapping and also a story of camera trapping. The kids next to me draw something really interesting. She imagine that all the monkeys come out from behind the trees to take a good photos using the camera traps. Iit is just like a Monkey Party. Kids really imaginative.

I took a photo with Datuk Lat holding my very best cartoon. heheheh..and guest what? Datuk Lat take it back home for his reference regarding our work in Conservation. That drawings that i made was about incidence that happen during our team set up a camera traps.

This is Datuk Lat drawings and the last scene was draw by one of the participants. This students can draw very well and have a crazy ideas since cartoon have to be funny and catchy but still have moral in it.

This our group photo with Datuk Lat before his departure from Bintulu. We have a great time with him even though it is only for two days.

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