Friday, December 12, 2008

The IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species - Treeshrews

The treeshrews (or tree shrews) are small mammals native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. They make up the families Tupaiidae (19 species) and Ptilocercidae (1 species) and the entire order Scandentia. There are 20 species in 5 genera which are Ptilocercus (1), Anathana (1), Dendrogale (2), Tupaia (15) and Urogale (1). Of 20 species 10 are occur in Borneo with seven endemics species.

According to the IUCN Red List Of Threatened Species (2008), two species listed as Endangered (Tupaia chrysogaster and T. nicobarica), 15 species as Least Concern (Ptilocecus lowii, Anathana ellioti, Dendrogale murina, T. belangeri, T. glis, T. gracilis, T. javanica, T. longipes, T. minor, T. montana, T. palawanensis, T. picta, T. splendidula, T. tana and Urogale everetti) and three species as Data Deficient (D. melanura, T. dorsalis and T. moellendorffi). Both Endangered species is not Bornean species. T. chrysogaster occurs in North and South of Pagai Islands and Sipora (Mentawai Islands, Indonesia), meanwhile T. nicobarica can be found in Great and Little Nicobar Islands of India.

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