Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something Come Up In My Mind

These past few weeks i am a little bit confused with my own posts in this blog. Not only because what is actually this blog about but i am a little bit piss off with the settings. I tried to make space in between paragraph but it doesn't work. There is still no space. So, i don't like how my posts look like. As for myself, i don't like reading something like that. It is not neat. So, i keep trying to do something with the templates and changing templates too. I am not sure what is actually happen. I am not good in designing websites. I just follow the instructions. Still far to learn about creating or designing my blog.

About this blog. What is actually i want to share in here? A lots of things mixed up already. From the first place i create this blog because i want to improve my writing skills and i am not sure if i am improve now. But then, these past few months, the contents is really upside down. But i think i have to be focus with what i really want to share in this blog. I take leave from my work for three months so i don't have any interesting field works that i can share here. So, that is one of the reason, i don't know what to share about my works anymore since i am not working. After think back, i still want to do posting about wildlife and nature. I love them very much and still hoping that early next year i will be able to get back to work to get close to them again.

I will posts mostly about the animals that i have work on and what i experienced before. Even though it will be my past experienced but i think it will worth sharing here. I was feel blessed from the first place that i have the great opportunity to do this kind of work so, i will share it with you guys. Since i am doing a lots of reading now, anything that interests me will be share too.

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