Friday, April 25, 2008


I start to send emails to the contact person that my lecturer from UMS gave me. From this person I get connected to the other person that I really admire a lot. During my bachelor degree I already start to admire his works since we use his research for our reference. We only know him by name but never get a chance to meet him. In our field, CONSERVATION BIOLOGY, he is really well-known. When he asked me to have a chit-chat with him in July 2005 I dare to apply off-day from our PK 1 from school just to go to Bintulu and met him up. I was vey excited because I was thinking this is my chance to do something that I really likes to do. I met him up and we had a chit-chat. I still remember before I leave his office I turn back and I told him this: “Mr. Rob, I want to tell you something, that I really admire you”. Hahahaha..sounds so funny but when I saw him that is the first thing that I want to tell him and I am very happy I have a chance to met him in real. After that chit-chat, they told me that they can not hire me because there were no vacancies for new staff. However, they considered of my interest to do research in their plantations area. It means that I will have a chance to pursue my study.

In November, Mr.Rob asked me to work for them as a Temporary Research Assistant by daily paid. I was very excited and can’t wait to go there and start working. This is really like “durian runtuh” for me because I didn’t know he will consider employing me even though it is only a Temporary RA. This is where I start and build up my knowledge, skills and lots of new things that I never experienced before. I really want to thank him because he gives me a chance to work with them. Until today, I always think that if he didn’t give me that opportunity maybe I will end up like my other friends. Helpless and lastly taken KPLI even though teaching is not their passion. However, there is always obstacles comes along the way. God gives me strength!


Tracy Justin said...

Ey,rose..suka jua ku baca blog kau tok. *wink* i'm glad that u're happy with what u're doing right now. :)kan ku dah madah,yang penting kau satisfy n happy ngan apa kerja nok kau molah kenek tok ;) berbaloi kan? :D sik kisah la apa org madah at the beginning.. hihi. best wishes..hati hati lam utan nun..hihihi..

Rose Ragai said...

hi trace..heheheh..thanks..friends support is very important for me. walaupun ku jatuh dalam utan nun ku bangun sendiri tapi mun jatuh dalam kerjaya or study aku selalunya family and friends yang akan selalu support aku..same to you. polah jak apa yang kita minat and keep doing it right..:) God bless.