Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Photo: Conservation Biology Program -Class of 2000-

I went to a boarding school in Miri from 1994 until 1998. I didn’t remember so much but during my secondary school I am an athlete. I didn’t do well in my SPM. I only got C6 for my Biology. Science subject is very difficult for me. With my fair results in SPM I secured a place in Labuan Matriculation College and took Life Science course. My results in Biology for all three semester are not so good so I thought I will not have a chance to take any Biology related course in universities. However, I received an offer from UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SABAH, KK for a course CONSERVATION BIOLOGY. I was confused when I get the offer because I don’t know what kind of study it will be. When I ask my brother’s opinion about accept the offer or just let go. He told me to reject the offer if I am not sure what it is all about. Then, I ask my best friend advice. She advice me to go and register for that course because if I didn’t go, I will never know what field of study it will be. I listen to my best friend advice and I went to UMS and register for that course.

I fell in love with this field of study and I really like when we doing field or lab work. My favorite subject was animal biodiversity, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, genetic conservation, and wildlife management. I still remember when we went to Danum Valley Field Centre in 2003 and I was really excited. It was the most memorable field trip I ever had during my course. I learn a lot of things during that trip but I can not cope with all the works because we were divided into groups and our task keep changing. It like rotating the task. This is because that field trip was combination of three course, animal biodiversity, botany, and microbiology (fungi). Therefore we have five different tasks which were small mammals trapping, ants pit fall, mosses, algae and water quality. That’s why I can not learn all the methods e.g. after group A finish set up small mammals traps, they will move to other task, checking pit fall traps. So, it will be rotating and all students will have experience handling the entire task under those subjects of study. However, it can not make we master any of the skills. We have limited time which is only four days.

I finish my study in 2004 after I completed my industrial training with Environmental Education Unit, Forest Research Centre Sandakan. I am a little bit frustrated when I am doing my industrial training because I didn’t learn much within those 10 weeks. It was end of the year and EEU didn’t have program for schools or locals. It was really frustrating and my 10 weeks just wasted like that. It was supposed to be the time for me to expose into the real working scenario.

I was graduated with Bachelor of Science with Honors in Sept 2004. I was happy that I can finish my study but the real war is just begun. Job hunting, a very challenging thing I have to do. There were hundreds or thousands of fresh graduates out there that jobless and am I will be one of them?
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