Thursday, April 24, 2008


Photo: MSSM Zon Mukah in 2005 at Daro Stadium

An Insurance Agent was my first job that I get after finishing my study. It was because of recruitment that has been done by the insurance company during our career week and I am one of the participants in that program. I was qualified to become their agent after I passed through the questionnaire form. After my industrial training, I went back to KK and working full time as an insurance agent. I am not a competitive and aggressive or brave person. My experienced as an insurance agent really painful but teach me a lot of things. I faced different types of people everyday. Almost everyday I feel that is not a job for me. I didn’t put my heart in this kind of job. I failed to close any case and my unit sales manager pushes me very hard. She is very kind but in term of work she is very aggressive and strict. I only survive a few months in KK because cost of living is high and my commission is not enough to support me.

One day I got a phone call from home. My dad is sick. I have to go back because he is really sick. Therefore I decided to left Sabah and went back home. I love my parents very much and I don’t want to lost a chance to see them still alive healthy. My dad gets better after that and I tried to looking for a job in my own hometown. I was thinking not to work far from my family anymore. My parents are already very old and they are not that healthy anymore. My sister asks me to find a job in one of the supermarket in our hometown. I was hired as a MIS clerk with salary RM500 per month. At first I feel ashamed of myself because I am a graduated and yet working as a clerk. However, to search for a better job in Sibu is very challenging if we can not speak Chinese. Moreover, I am a fresh graduate and no working experienced. Tough job as well because almost everyday the lady from supermarket section yelled at me. I also don’t know why she is so fierce even though I only ask her to sign the Purchase Order. I only work there for five months and after that I quit.

I apply for a temporary teacher in a secondary school in one of the rural area. Actually I studied at that school for a month before I transfer to boarding school in Miri. I was accepted and start my teaching in Jan 2005. It was a horrible and terrible experienced as well. I love to teach those students but I don’t know how to control them in the class especially the naughty students. I have headache and become stress when I can not do anything to my students. The worst thing is I feel responsible for those examination classes but they just bullied me. I feel relief after a permanent teacher arrive in Oct 2005 and my service was terminated. Actually during my teaching period, I send over my application for pursuing study in wildlife ecology in UMS, KK. My interest is still very strong in something that related to nature and biodiversity. However, my ex-lecturer in UMS ask me to applied for UNIMAS and it is more relevant for me to carry out my field work in Sarawak because I am a Sarawakian. Since, he also didn’t have research grant to support my study. He gave me a contact person in UNIMAS. That is where the real story begins.
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