Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rough-necked Monitor (Varanus rudicollis)

During my first visit to the waterfall area, it was very interesting because we have to walk about 1.348km to reach it. A very nice board walk is the path way to reach there but the condition of the borad walk was not properly maintained.

My curiosity is very high because this is a new place for me. I keep doing my observation trying to find something interesting with my camera in my hand. I did heard a lots of birds singing along the way and it was so peacefull with the misty environment.

While we are walking the field guide keep explaining and describes about trees and plants along the way. We stop at one of the hut and suddenly my friend pointed something quitely to me. It was a monitor lizard and i never seen it before. It did not moves and keep silence in it position as if its doesn't want us to notice he is there. I try to take a photo of it and yes i got one but that is the only one because after that it quickly ran away.

So, i ask our field guide and he explain to us that monitor lizards called "Biawak Punggur" and it lives in the tree holes. To confirm this identification i ask one of my friend from museum and he told me, yes it was.

I am lucky to have this chance. Seeing something new is very exciting.

To see more information about this animal visit this site: mampam Conservation
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