Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Speckled Piculet (Picumnus innominatus)

I woke up early every morning because i have to catch up 6.45am bus to reach to my work place. As i waited for the bus, my eyes saw something interesting on the tree bark. It keeps moving and i get closer to make sure what is that.

Oh my!! It's a woodpecker and as far as i know i never seen this one before. I thought it was a Rufous Piculet because it was as small as Rufous Piculet. I don't have my field guide book in my hand so i tried to memorized all the colours that i can see on it's body.

So, today i add one more bird's species in my list of obesrvation.

To see more information of this bird, do visit this site: BirdLife International
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