Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The TEN Commandments of ECOLOGY

I AM the Lord your God who have created heaven and earth. Know that you are My partner in creation: therefore, take care of the air, water, earth, plants and animals as if they were your brothers and sisters.

KNOW that in giving your life I have given you responsibility, freedom and limited resources.

STEAL NOT from the future: honor your children by giving them a chance of longevity.

IMPLANT in your children a love of nature.

REMEMBER that humanity can use technology but can not recreate life that has been destroyed.

SET UP pressure groups within your community to prevent impending catastrophes.

THROW out all arms which cause irreversible destructions of the foundations of life.

BE SELF disciplined in the small details of your life.

SET aside time in your weekly day of rest to be with the world rather than use the world.

REMEMBER that you are not the owner of the land, merely its guardian.
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