Friday, April 3, 2009

Nature + Wildlife + Community

I am thinking a lot on how i can contribute to something that i really like the most in my life using this blog as my tool to reach out to the world. So, i have decided to dedicate this blog, My Life Is My Choice to my passion of nature and wildlife but then i know it will enggaged to the community surround them.

I am growing and expand my knowledge now, so many things that i expected and unexpected will happen in my life along this journey and adventure. Therefore, i am hoping that i can contribute something to the nature and wildlife (that can not speak for themselves but through our observation will shows what they need from us, human beings - that do a lot of talking and actions). So, i will not forget about the communities that lives or i can say connected to them.

This will be fun and i am changing my layout again because i don't want it to be look so complicated. I just want it to be simple and hopefully easy to access.

~With Love,
From Writer's Table.
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