Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wild Meat

I was almost lack of ideas on what to write here but since i am working on the assignment about hunting and game management so it reminds me of eating wild meat.

In my previous work place i have quite a few experienced taste the wild meat. I taste the Reticulated Phyton meat. It was at my friend uncle's house. I have to admit that it was tasty and very delicious meat but the problem with me is that i am full of the imagination. I can't eat it after one small piece (just to taste it) because i can feel it's twine round my body or even swallow me. Gosh....crazy imagination until i can't eat more of that tasty meat. But, it is good for me because i am a wildlife lovers so i am not suppose to support the demand in wild meat market.

The next one is Large Flying Fox meat. It was at one of the restaurant that own by local people of Sarawak. They served variety dishes of wild meat. I suppose not to involve in this dinner but i was in too ( i feel bad about it). I am not sure why the enforcement didn't do something with this restaurant. It supposed to be banned. The most wierd things is that, in front of this restaurant, there is a big sign board shows Protected and Totally Protected Species of Wildlife in Sarawak with the penalty that have to be paid if hunt or sell those wild meat. Never mind, i will continue with my story.

The taste is good too and again my problem is my imagination. I work a lot on bats research where we do specimen collectiions. I use to make bats voucher specimen so i already see so many different species of bats and how it's morphology looks like. This is what come up into my mind and it's lingers there while i am eating a small piece of it's thigh muscle. Arghhh...i really can not stand it and it was a struggle just to finish one piece of this Flying Fox meat.

As i reflects back, i was not meant to support all these wild meat consumption. I am the one that have to fight for those animals that can not speak for themselves.

Actually there were others experienced too but this two experienced is enough for now. For frogs and squirrels meat is just nice too. This is all happen long time ago.
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