Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bintulu Waterfront Promenade

I think i always mentioned about my activity at Bintulu Promenade in my previous posts. Quite a few, i think. So, maybe this is my last posts about this beautiful place. I was there last month where i have to drive my car all the way from Bintulu to Sabah. I posted a few beautiful scenery of sunsets here at Bintulu Waterfront. Where i used to have a walk and jog with my friends.

This is some of the small board or plates they have here. So, i just take this one.

I still keep on doing this. Taking the sunsets view from Bintulu Promenade. I really love the sunsets view here. I miss it very much even though at my place here got a few places for viewing sunsets. It will never the same even though it is the same sun....:)

Aha....i used to take one shot of rainbow when i am in UNIMAS and i think i have posted it somewhere in my blog too. But i really love this one. I took it from the promenade too but this is the opposite side where the town is taken place. The tall building is the New World Suite and the area called Parkcity Commercial area. My ex-company office was there. Not far from the building.

Orait....enjoy the photos of the beautiful scene but i was there to experienced it in real...:D

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