Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking For An Answer

I had headache today. So much thing have to be done. Paperwork....paperwork and paperwork. I am not sure when i can finish it because it will never finish. Yay! Sorry..i am not complaining but sharing. It is just one way for me to throw it out. I will feel better and get my work done later...

I am done with editing my second proposal and then now i am editing some of the attachment documents. I am still have problem with my English. The way i elaborate my sentence and lack of vocabulary really piss me off when i am doing my writing.

Some more i have to prepare everything in English because i have to submit it to my boss but then i have to translate some of the docs into Malay language. Especially for the documents that will goes to the ground, which we will use for the implementation of the program. This is because the community where i carried out my work only understand Malay and their own mother tounge language.

Sometimes there are still big question mark hanging around in my head asking why i am here? Why i am doing this job? Still doubt myself for the decision that i have made. I am still searching and digging for the answers.
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