Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cultural Meets - The Last Part

Okay, this is the last part of my visit so let see what i got here.

This is the traditional games for Murut people (*note that the girl is not Murut's, she is Dusun from Keningau. She is one of the participant that take part in this game). They call this game "Rampanau", walking using bamboos. As you can see, Murut people depends so much on bamboo in terms of handicrafts until games. So, bamboo is really important for them.

This is how you stand on this bamboo and start walking as usual. It was very high and i tried a few times and i keep on falling. I can not make it even one step. I just can't balance my body when i stand on that bamboo. I tell you, it is really difficult for first timer like me. But it always interesting when it is the first time.
The traditional costumes for Murut's women. It looks gorgeous right. I plan to make one for my own collections.

At last i have my onw photos to share here. For men, this is how thier traditional costume looks like.

Just to show my own picture with the Murut's lady.

This is some of my new friend that i met during the Cultural Meets. She is from Kota Marudu and she is from Rungus tribe.

The last but not least, my brothers during the Cultural Meets and they are my new friends too. Naughty but a good friend that i met. We stay at the same house, our foster family during this events.
That's all i can share about my recent trip to Murut's village. Hope you guys enjoy reading my experienced for that three days.
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