Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cultural Meets - The Bamboo Handicrafts

On the third day the villagers started to displays their handicrafts and other forest products in their traditional bamboo hut. Murut’s had very unique and pretty handicrafts especially the pattern of their weaving. Each pattern has its own story on how they get the idea of that pattern. Some of it very interesting.

However, in this village they need more exposure to create new design for their products. They only know how to make the traditional design which they use in their daily life. Instead of continues to produce the same design, they need more exposure creating something new which outside market demand for, such as tissue box, hair band, hand bag, bangle etc. If they are planning to market their products they have to be innovative and start to make new design.

It has been a few months and they are getting better now when they started to produce new products. I did learn a little bit from them but it is really hard work and tests my patience. I am sure this community will come out with great and amazing products with guidance from experts.

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