Monday, July 13, 2009

Bornean Sucker Fish

After I saw Mr. Froggie on the stairs something orangish in colour draw my attention. Something moving on the stone in the water and with the shallow water, I can see it clearly. A few weeks back my friend did mention about a sucker fish in that small rocky stream but I didn’t bother so much about it. She told me there is a pretty fish in that stream, an orange colour sucker fish.

So, I move slowly towards the small witty creature in the water. She moves around on that stone where the water current is a little bit fast. After a while she was alert of my presence there and stops moving around. She was just stay still on the stone and maybe she was waiting for me to move away from there. But I am not done with her yet. Slowly I push my camera button and try to take a close up photo of her. I was amazed by that moment because this fish is really pretty. I never saw it before. After two shots I try to get closer and she moves faster into the deep area. Even though I can’t hold it and take a clear look of her, but I know this is something interesting.

When I get back home, I Google and try to find information about Bornean Sucker Fish. I don’t have any Pisces field guide books so I have to depend on source from internet. As I went through I found quite a few information and I read through article by Dr. Tan Heok Hui from Raffles Museum of Singapore. I did sent the photo to my friend and ask him about it. He answers me confidently that it might be Gastromyzon sp. Based on findings by Dr. Tan, they found three new species of Gastromyzon in Brunei and I was thinking maybe this is another new record or new species. Who knows right? Borneo is a hotspot biodiversity, I am sure there are lots of undiscovered species of animals and plants.

Interesting discovery and stay tune with me. See you tomorrow.
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