Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Young Birdie - Part 2

Still remember i share about one little bird that we found? You can check in my previous post . I can't remember clearly when i return to that place. I was trying to observed her daily but i was so busy with other thing.

Actually on the day i arrive there, it was so windy at night. The next day i check on her and i was shocked when the nest was fall down from that leaves. I found her hiding under the dried tree leaves. I picked her up and put her back in the nest. Then i gently put the nest back on the leaves as it was before.

People always told me that if human touch the youngs, the mother will abandon her youngs or eat them. I just ignore it and i want this little birdie to be safely in her nest. I took her photo when she already rest comfortly in her nest. Even though at first she was refused and jump off the nest when i put her back in it.

She look really nice and and just wait another day to learn to fly. I don't know what species of bird is this because i din't see her mother visit her. It was really difficult to catch her mum feeds her.

Two days after i took the above photos, she was left her nest. I found the nest was empty. She didn't say good bye to me but it is okay. I know she will doing well in the forest.
After that, I observed almost everyday one bird keep chirping around this nest and maybe that is her. Still i am not sure who is this bird. Still lots to learn about this interesting and wonderful creature.
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