Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Little Young Birdie

Yesterday, I was talking about empty bird nest, so today I will share about a nest with young birdie inside. It was not me the one that first encounter this bird nest with its young inside it. One of my friends found it.

As you can see, the nest was build from mosses and it is built on the leaf. Only one young inside that nest as my friend told me it was only one from the first time he found it. I was spending about half day there so I didn’t have a chance to observe this nest and find out who is the mother. If I did, I will have the answer for which species of bird is this. But, don’t worry I hope I will be able to see this bird before it fly away from this nest. So, I will get you guys update with the condition of this little friend of mine.

If I am not, then I have to leave this with a puzzle in our head……
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