Friday, January 29, 2010


As i told you guys in my post yesterday. It was very difficult for me to get wild animals and plants pictures lately. By the way, during my trip early this week, i tried to search for something interesting to captured by my digital camera. Well, i am not get paid that much now so, no DSLR or any other high tech camera. Even i have one i don't think i know how to use them. Ops..i am lazy on reading manuals. Any manuals. I need somebody to teach me, hands on. I will be better. Hahaha....

I get this ferns picture. It is alive and wild. So i think i discover wild plants but what is the species? Sorry....not me to give an answer. I leave it blank. If wanna know you guys have to find botanist. Okay, next what did i found?

Ewww....i found unliving things but happen to be drop by living animal. I have a friend that told me, this is the most precious treasure for a mammalogist. I think he is right because there are so much information we can get from this droppings. But not so precious if you are not a mammalogist. Ouch!!

At last i found a cricket. A living wild animal but only a tiny little cricket. Okayla. It was difficult to get the nice one but i think this is also good already. Lucky this cricket is very sporting. Not move at all until I've done with it. 

Okay guys. That is all about my recent discovery. In the plantation areas not really forest though. But it was fun and interesting to be there. 

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