Monday, August 9, 2010

Hunting Butterfly..... Again!

After I saw Mr. Green Cricket, i met this little friend not far from me. I want to take his picture while his wings flipped but he seems to be avoiding me. I tried my best to get his shots and these two is some of it. I still remember early this year i did hunt for a butterfly photos as well. See Hunting Butterfly where i captured a butterfly photos on flowers. Hmm..still i find it is difficult to get pretty picture of Mr. Butterfly. It is okay, i will keep on tried my best to get another one after this.

A tiny one with brown in colour. There was a big round eyes on the back of the wings. It is for sure just to do some camouflage and protect him from his predator. 

I will not give up Mr. Butterfly, i will get another species next time. There are a lots of different species of butterfly in Bornean forest. Till then!

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