Sunday, August 8, 2010

Comouflage & Mimicry by Mr. Green Cricket

Camouflage and mimicry are adaptations some animals use as protection from predators. An animal that uses camouflage looks like things in its environment. It might look like a leaf, a twig, or a rock. Animals that use mimicry use colors and markings to look like another animal.

That is what Mr. Green Cricket doing. They just look like the green leaf where both of them perch. I almost overlook them for my first glance but then i realize there was something on the leaf. 

Just looks like the green leaf. The coloration is really similar. 

However, i only got the chance for about two minutes to captured their photos. This two is the best that i can get. They really gave me their best pose. Enjoy their photos. Till then. 

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