Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Interesting Moth

Front view of the moth.
Photo taken at Tomani, Sipitang, Sabah
View from behind of the moth.
Photo taken at Tomani, Tenom, Sabah
I love taking photo of moths now. I think i have quite a few collections of interesting moth species so far. But i am so sorry that i can't give more information about this species because this is my first encounter of this species too. When i think it is unique and interesting, for sure i don't know who are they.

I am so sorry for long silence from this blog because i am busy updating my other blog. Besides i didn't have anything new about my nature encounters so far. It's only ordinary things because i didn't went to jungle/forest lately. Only visiting a few kampongs and plantation so, not much on nature/wildlife things.

Anyway, thanks for my new followers that adding me in your blog lists and also for my loyal nature friends. I am so sorry that seldom visiting you guys here. Hope your adventure is fun and interesting each and every day too. I leave you guys with these two photos of unknown species of moth. Have a good day all !!
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