Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hunting Sea Treasure

I visited one of the beautiful place to visit in Sabah in February this year, Simpang Mengayau, Kudat, Sabah. It was my first time and i am amazed by the beauty of the scenery. That is not all about it, my desire to explore that place is more strong. With my little digital camera, i walk down to the seaside. There are lots of people too. We are lucky because it is a low tide but the waves become more strong and stronger. Okay, lets see what i hunt there.

Did you see anything in this photo? Something crawling......?

What do you see in the above photo? I saw it from a far. Using my only 3x camera zoom, i can not get a clear picture of it. Yai! A little bit frustrated. My friend got his DSLR but he did not see this guy when i pointed out to him to capture some of it's picture. Still, need an eye like me (opsss.... he he he). 

In a blink of eyes, it disappear........

When i get closer, as usual i lost it. That crab slipped away down into the water. Maybe hiding under the rocks and laugh at me because i couldn't get him close up. Hmmmph.... Disappointed again but still it is exciting. What else i find?

Yes, it is a hole of a rock.....

I saw a hole. A big hole of a rock and got sea water inside it. Must be something interesting can be found inside it though. Something unique maybe. My curiosity sometimes scary but i like to find it out. But still i will not put my hand inside it because i know safety first (not like my early days, just do whatever i like without thinking twice).

Did you see anything? It's like a star inside......

Yep, there is a big size of STARFISH. I am excited but only can take pictures. Not brave enough to take it out besides i don't want to disturb this guy resting inside this hole so called little pond. There were a lot more other living creatures beside this guy, small prawns and fishes, crabs and snails... There are living together in this hole. Nice to see them together even though i am not sure which and which is the prey and predator. 

So, that is my findings for my hunts at the Tip of Borneo. I met Mr. Crab and Mr. Starfish. Quite an interesting and exciting experienced. Till then!

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