Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Been A While....

Seems to be i am out of ideas when i log in to this blog now. I can not crack on anything interesting to share with you guys, my fellow nature friends. If i do so, i only recall back all the good memories of working with the animals, plants about three years ago. No fresh new stories to be shared. I am very sorry for that. I did promised to share any of my observations while i am trekking inside the forest or villages but till now, i have none. Yep, i did have a while ago but recently not much of new things. I am out of focus with nature now. I am too much on humans (but still it is a good thing, maybe it can make me more humane..ha ha ha.. just joking!).  

Even so, i still once in a while update this blog if i got anything interesting to share. Most of the time i am writing about my current work and some thoughts in my ^-^TRUE CONFESSIONS^-^ blog. So, if you feel to visit me and still to get connected with me do drop by there.

So, this is it. Till then!

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