Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorry for Hibernating so Long!

Photo taken at Muaya Waterfall, Sipitang
First of all i wanna say sorry for 'hibernating' so long from this blog. It is not that i forgot on update this blog but, i don't know what to write in this blog anymore. Hmmmm.... I don't have stories to share here up till now.  Why? Because i am not quite experiencing anything new on nature so far. Most of the time i am in the office or visiting villages.

Nature, forests, animals, plants? Hmmm... not really focused for the time being. I am moving to a new job middle of December last year, so still in the process of settling down. Lots f things need to be done at the beginning of adapting to a new place, new people and new working environment. Pheww!

So, hope you guys be patient with me because i will keep on eyeing on my adventure with the Mother Nature after this. Will share my story again here too...

Till then!
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