Friday, August 22, 2008


Removing birds from the mist net is not that esay for the beginners because as for myself i am still not expert in doing it. Sometimes the birds that i try to remove tanggled very bad and need to cut some of the strings of the nets.

After get the birds from the nets we put it into the cloth bag and bring it back to the processing place that we can work out on banding the bird. Usually we can't put the birds too long in the cloth bag in case of it will be dehydrated so we process it straight away.

All the equipments for the banding is prepared and we get all the information of the birds before we band it. All of the information will be enter into the datasheet that we have. Before take the measurements and check the birds we need to band it in case of it will escaped and flew away.

I try to work out on taking the banding data from the birds after we put the band on it's leg but i am still not good at it. I am still confused on how to look at the fade line, wing wear and how to sexes this birds.

Every data that we take we enter it into the field data sheet.

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