Thursday, August 21, 2008


This is how our bed look like at the camp. The most important things you must have for camping like this is your mosquito net and sleeping bag. Why? There is a lot of mosquitoes and after midnight it is really cold. The other extra gadgets you must have is torch lights, insect repellent and also your personal first aid kit. That is only the basic things that i can share for camping with us.

We cook our own food. So, here is the "panorama" of our kitchen at the camp. We have all the basics for cooking from stove to other cooking utensils. Don't worry you will not get starving if go camping like this because all of foods or rations is already prepared before the trip. The clean water basically we bring from Bintulu and the rest is drinking water. 

So, here is some meals that we have at the camp. Isn't it look delicious, even though it is just a baked beans...:p

Where to take a bath? No worry. For every camp, it must located near water source. So, like this camp there is one stream nearby and we take bath there.The water is cold especially if you take your shower late in the evening but is is really refreshing.

Worry about doing something very important? Here is how the camp toilet look like. It is very comfortabale and clean. 
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