Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was equipt with all the recording equipment to get ready for the dawn chorus recording. Usually we get ready at the site around 5.45am because we need to catch the first bird that make their calls. Quite interesting results that we get from all the dawn chorus that we make for the whole trip.

This is the first day of our observation and as usual i will be very excited but at this point i really have problem in identifying birds that i observed. However, do not worry as we practice everyday by refering to the field guide book, it will not that difficult anymore. Developing the skills and information about the birds that we observed.

After our dawn chorus finished, we continue to do observation on getting the foraging data of birds that we observed. With guide from Dr. Alison and Dr. Fred, we try to collect all the information that needed for the foraging data. It isreally cool to look at the birds and follow what it is doing especially on how it get its food, where it get it etc. But to study birds in the tropic forest is a challenge because of the tree is tall and the understorey is dense too.

I am not sure what we are looking at but i think we are looking at the Prevost's Squirrel on the tree down the valley. I really like that squirrel, it is really preety and i have a chance to observed it foraging on the figs fruits. How it hang upside down without care of the presence of birds around it. It just eating and eating.

I just came back after a long trip to the field started from July, 31st until Aug, 19th. It was 20 days in the field for bird's survey with researcher from US. They are bird's expert (ornithologist) and i was lucky to learn so many things related to bird's study from them. We use several methods for this trip. We do the dawn chorus (bird's call recording), foraging data observation, mist netting for bird's of interest by calling the birds using their calls and then we do the bird banding. It is really interesting and there are some area that i still not good at like identifying the species via it's call and collecting the data for the birds that we band. However, as i said earlier practice makes perfect. Continue doing it and doing it right.
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