Friday, March 20, 2009

They Are Special

Today something special happen. Instead of working with wildlife, today we have a special occasion for our CEO wife, Mdm G at the Special Kids Centre. The centre arrange a small farewell party for her, to appreciate all of her contributions to the centre. She is a free hands artist and she paint a very beautiful mural for the school.

I have several times visit this centre and i didn't cry but today i can not hold my tears anymore. My heart was so touched by one of the kid, he had a Polio, so he can not stand. He moves using his hands. He is a new student that register to this centre. He is 12 years old and have a very bright smile and very cheerful kids. I was looking at him when he practising his songs with his friend to be presented during the party and suddenly with his sweet smile he look back at me and give a very sweet smile and greet me "Good Morning" with his cheerful voice. Wow..i really impressed with how he greet me.

During the token presentation to Mdm G, he is one of the kids that presents his token. With a sweet smile, he move forward and present the gift to her. He said, "Madam, this is for you." Very polite and he can speak English. Really impressed us because he didn't go to any school and only his sister teach him. This was the time, i can not hold my tears anymore and i cry. Most of us cry because of this kid. He really touched our heart and Mdm G also cried because of this kid.

I don't have his picture but i will put one soon when i have a chance to visit him at the centre again.

This child is really special.

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