Monday, March 16, 2009

Wildlife Observation Form

What should i put in this observation form or maybe i can call it observation field data sheet?

What are the important information that i really need from field observation?

I am thinking of something that other people can easily understand and they can use this form. Something that not too complicated and everbody know what to fill in this form. It must be something easy but have the information that i need. Besides that, i can translate it into Malay language.

But, if i put a column for Species Name, i don't think they know too details so i will ask them to put Malay Name or English Name or Native Name but the problem with native name is that, i don't understand Murut and Lundayeh language. I really have to work out on that. It should be no problem.

Information i need:

1. Vernacular Name / Species Name

2. Date - Day/Month/Year

3. Location - GPS reading

4. Elevation

5. Time recorded - Hour/Minutes/Seconds

6. Forest Type

7. Quantity

8. Remarks - Nesting, Food, Behaviour

For the time being, this is some of the information that i can think of. This should help me to get a raw data on what wildlife do we have in our area. I hope i can get some information from our field personnel. I wish i am the one that go out and do the observation but it is okay. I have to rely on other person to do it for now.

I really really miss doing field observation.......
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