Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conservation & Local Communities

It has been 3 months and 13 days I am working with my new employer with the new work scope. If I reflect back to my first month it was really a struggle for me but now it seems to be a very interesting experienced and I am developing new skills now. I am not good in dealing with the communities and I have to admit that, even though I come from rural village in Sarawak because it will never be the same to work together with the local communities with different cultures and beliefs.

Back to the topic I want to discuss here before I am away too far with my other stories. I will write some more about it later. Conservation! Who is responsible? Where? How? Before this I know for sure that scientist or researcher with different field will working so hard to study about plants and animal or we can say it biodiversity. Study to understand about the biology, ecology and do something about it.

How? By using all the information they will come out with the recommendations on managing and protect this biodiversity. This can be implement at managing level but is it works till the ground level, the communities which are living close to this all living things? In my previous work place we tried so hard to make local people understand that they have to harvest their natural resource in sustainable way. But the problem is even though they are aware of it but they have no choice because of living pressure. So, how far the local communities can work together with the authority or the experts to manage the natural resource and protect the biodiversity? How to make them totally involve where they can become the forest or wildlife ranger? So that the responsibility of conserving the fauna and flora is not burden on the shoulder of authority or experts only but it will become OUR responsibility. No point finger on whose job is it.

Okay, I have to stop right here for now. How it should be done I will share it later. I have fire training going on because we have drought season now. We, the field people have to be prepared before fire attacks us. Will be back soon.
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