Monday, June 29, 2009

Talking About Myself

Last Saturday i feel so upset and dissapointed but today i feel more motivated. Hmm..i will be visiting the forest again tomorrow and i am glad that i can smell the freshness of the forest and listen to the chirping of the birds.

Last weekend, in the town that i live now they have a festival celebration for three days but i am not sure what is it for. I am kind of funny person, i don't like to spend my time in the crowd of people but i like to spend my time in the forest. Not to say i will stay alone because it is dangerous for a small size girl like me.

What the difference between this two situation for me? In the crowd of people especially during festival, it is really uncomfortable, hot and not much interesting events to watch or observed. If i stay inside the forest, i have lots of things to be observed, from as tiny as snail until as big as Deer. Besides, it is so peaceful and of course fresh air.

BUT i am not anti-social...:D
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