Friday, July 3, 2009


As I have promised, I will write about what I have seen and find during my trip. Let started from the night I arrived. After had our dinner, we have a rest and chit chat among us but my eyes keep on following something flying above our head. I am wondering what species of bats is it. It reminds me of the old days (not so old, just a year back) where I used to follow my friend capturing bats for our bats inventory. My interest is still there even though I am not good in bats identification.

So, I ask one of the guy to captured it. They told me just wait, it will enter their room and even my room. So, we wait.

In a few minutes, zap…hehe, it enters the room and I was in the room too. We close the door and windows. I use my long sleeve shirt to catch it and we success.

This is it. I didn't bring my field guide book so i can't identify it right away. From my previous experienced i thought it was Hipposideros sp. but i am not sure what species was it. It is the most common bats we found in Bintulu especially in one cave at Tubau. So, i thought it maybe the same species.

I only manage to took this close up photos and it doesn't help me on identification when i get back home. When i refer to my field guide book, there are two species of Hipposideros that look very similar. They are Hipposideros cervinus and Hipposideros bicolor . Dr. Don and Kris did teach me very clear the distinct difference between these two species but i forgot about it now.
The best thing to do is to get the forearm (FA) measurements but i didn't brought my ruler with me and for sure no measuring tape. This doesn't help me much too. So, i am not sure which species it was.
So, this is the first animal i find for my trip. Wait for tomorrow and i will share more of my discovery. I miss doing all kind of wildlife inventory and this time i just do what i can do by myself and with help from my friend here.
See you tomorrow.
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