Saturday, July 4, 2009

Orange-Backed Woodpecker (Chrysocolaptes validus)

Early morning the next day, I woke up early because I have to be ready for my hiking. I have to go up to the waterfall peak. Okay, we are not there yet. What I want to share is about my first sight for the second day of my trip. After we had our breakfast we saw a flowerpecker feeding on the fruits near the camp site. I brought along my binocular and my friend trying to observed the deer at the Deer Farm. While he observing, something catch his eyes and he handed the binocular to me. Since I have my bird’s field guide book, he shows me the bird that catches his attention.

It was an Orange-Backed Woodpecker. There are three of them, one male and two female. They are feeding on something (I am not sure what it was but maybe insects) and they keep on making calls. While the male foraging on the standing trees, the other two foraging on the fallen tree. I tried to walk closer to them but they are very anxious. As I move closer, the male started to make noise and warn the other two on the fallen log. He started to fly away followed by the other two female.

Even though I can’t get any shots of them but they are in my memories. I am not sure if this is my first sight of this species. They are very pretty bird with very obvious orange colour at the back for male while female only white colour at the back. They are medium sized bird (28 cm).

Alright, that’s all for today and for sure will keep on continue with my next discovery.
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