Monday, January 24, 2011

#2 - Walking Through Nature

On the January 11th, i was standing in front of the staff house at one of our plantation area. It was about 6pm and i am trying to observed anything interesting on the trees somewhere in front of me. Yep.. something moves on the tree. Jumping from one branch to another branch. There you are black in colour from head to tail and reddish brown underparts. Trying to recall all the species of squirrel but can't think of any species that looks like that. But, from the size it looks like Prevost's squirrel. I am sure it is one of those and maybe subspecies of Prevost's squirrel. I jot down all the coloration for my own reference later when i get back home.

As i promised, this year will be my come back to the nature. Will fulfill my own wish.. he he he he.... So, the answer for this puzzle was this fella:

Photo Credit to Wong Tsu Shi
Taken at Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia
This is what i saw on the tree. I observed it for about 10 minutes but i am quite far from the tree. No binocular with me, so i am depending on my only eyes. He he he...

Common Name: Prevost's Squirrel
Scientific Name: Callosciurus prevostii pluto

Till then!

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